'Mama Needs the Bottle' featured on Reverb's "Steal This Track"

Download “Mama Needs the Bottle” from A Shadow of Jaguar

By Josh Johnson November 9, 2015


Rock ‘n’ roll really has a thing for mothers. Rolling Stone magazine even once argued that the first rock ‘n’ roll song was also Elvis’ first release, “That’s All Right,” a song consoling mama by saying “that’s all right, any way you do.”

Perhaps musicians are especially sensitive people with a soft spot for their moms, and perhaps they see how the life of a musician can be tough on momma. The Rolling Stones famously recorded “Mother’s Little Helper,” a song about the rise in popularity of the tranquilizer diazepam among housewives. (Incidentally, Oskar Blue’s Brewery’s Little Yellow Pils is a direct reference to this.)

Along the lines of The Stones, Boulder’s gritty, Americana rock duo A Shadow of Jaguar‘s first single sympathizes with Mama hitting the bottle after a bad day. 

This may be A Shadow of Jaguar’s first release, but the duo have musical roots in Colorado. Lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Hubbert also plays with Cold River City, and vocalist/drummer Andrew Oakley is from West Water Outlaws. Since forming earlier this year, the two have been trekking across the nation, building a name. Currently, they are working on a video for “Mama Needs the Bottle,” but you can steal it below. The band will also be performing on Nov. 12 at Conor O’Neill’s in Boulder.