A Shadow Of Jaguar Release New Music Video "Don't Want to Die Here" In Anticipation Of Debut Record 'RAW'

The 60s and 70s were largely marked by civil unrest on multiple fronts, and when you compare those times to the events of today, it’s not hard to see similarities. Music artists are picking up on that reality, and bringing back not only the sound of that time, but the ideas and movements as well. A Shadow of Jaguar’s new music video “Don’t Want To Die Here” is one example of this kind of art. The music video features a woman dancing in white against a white screen with multiple apocalyptic images behind her, and at one point, the dancer even puts a small sunflower in her mouth before anything starts, beginning with a sort of symbolic silence that harkens back to “flower children” of the late 60s, an acid hit, and the anti-war protest of the 60s and 70s all at once.

The music itself here has crunchy distortion, a catchy rhythm, and a singer with a vintage-sounding voice (Brian Hubbert) singing about a dismal place, of smoking cities and other ghastly images. He sings the title of the track, “Don’t Want to Die Here” multiple times as a cry for life and safety. The more you listen to this song, the more you almost get a sense of a past voice crying out, but in something that is relevant today with current events, like the threats of nuclear war, civil unrest, and war that seems never ending and unwinnable at times.

If you care about music that has the soul of this era in sound and message, then listen to and watch the music video for “Don’t Want to Die Here” by A Shadow of Jaguar. Their debut album, RAW is coming fast, and drops this weekend on October 28th.

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