Keep on knocking


A shadow of jaguar announces Their newest SinGle and music video

"Keep on Knocking" is the latest release from the Brooklyn, New York based rock duo A Shadow of Jaguar. The single comes as the long awaited follow up to 2015's "Mama Needs the Bottle" music video. Originally written and recorded in 1976 by the legendary pronto-punk band, Death, "Keep on Knocking" was not released until 2009. It is known as one of the earliest examples of true punk rock in America. 

A Shadow of Jaguar entered the studio in the spring of 2015 to begin work on their forthcoming debut album. As an homage to America's rock pioneers, they recorded their rendition of "Keep on Knocking". Like it's predecessor, the song is loud, fast and unadaltered. In the modern musical environment where so much of our music is programmed to perfection, "Keep on Knocking" is a much needed reminder that rock and roll is here to stay. 

Keep On Knocking was recorded in 2016 at Silo Studios in Denver, Colorado and mixed by Justin Peacock. The music video was filmed and directed in Boulder, Colorado in 2016 by Colin Anders of Slice Cinematcs.